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research such as archaeological excavation and conservation of archaeological artifacts

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Our featured project, the Griffin Warrior at the Palace of Nestor, in Pylos, Greece, has received much publicity since its discovery in 2015. Most recently it has appeared as the cover story in the January-February edition of Smithsonian Magazine.

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You can make a difference. Our current project is to support the research of the Griffin Warrior Tomb.  The Griffin Warrior was buried with a suit of bronze armor, but it is broken into hundreds of pieces.  Each fragment needs the attention of an expert conservator....

To promote and support the study of ancient Mediterranean cultures through archaeological excavation, the study of archaeological artifacts, and the conservation of ancient objects.

The Institute of Mediterannean studies, Inc. is a non-profit (501(c) (3)) organization devoted to promoting the study of Mediterannean cultures.  

All contributions are tax deductible.

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